Dear friends,

After many years organising hunts in someone else’s territories, in 2013-2014 I began to organise them in territories which are under my direct management, assisted by a team of committed professionals.

I can offer you different hunting modalities: “monterias” (large driven hunts with hounds), driven hunts for small groups, stalking, “ojeos” (driven hunts for partridges), migratory bird hunts and more.

These hunts take are organised in large states, which are professionally managed to ensure sustainable hunting.


We manage several thousand hectares, which include in their midst some game reserve areas in order to ensure stable populations and sustainable hunting.

These territories are 150km from Madrid, in an area not far from the city of Talavera de la Reina, in the vicinity of the Toledo Mountains.  The landscape in this region is of great beauty and hunting is a centuries-long tradition there.

There are no high elevations in our hunting grounds. There are natural pastures and forests that provide the game the necessary food and natural cover. Game thrives is this quiet environment with abundant food and water (streams, natural sources and pools).

Besides natural pastures, there are pieces of land where we grow certain crops exclusively for game to feed on.

Access to the hunter’s posts is very easy; each hunter is far from his/her neighbour granting each and every hunter plenty of space to shoot safely. Safety is the outmost priority in our monterias.

BIG GAME: There is a high game density in our territories. Red deer and wild boar are the predominant species. In some areas there is also fallow deer and muflon.

SMALL GAME: there is high density of red partridge, hare, and rabbit and, in winter, migratory pigeon…

Our hunting grounds enjoy the three essential conditions for game:

Lots of water: Spain is known to have long draught periods; permanent water sources are essential for game to survive and not to wander afar from our territories.

Food: natural pastures and oak forests provide abundant natural food. In addition, wheat or barley is grown in small plots of land to help sustaining a high game density.

A quiet environment: we do not over exploit our territories so that we can ensure sustainable hunting and we can improve the health and quality of the game.

We are both a professional organisation and a big family – my collaborators, our hunter friends and myself.  I invite you to share with us this common passion of ours: HUNTNG.

 With my best regards.



Remigio Garcia of San Juan